WiNK Projects

Discover WiNK's push for innovation through a selection of the most interesting projects among the multitude we tackled through the years and brought to life thanks to our love for innovation.

Citynews - Metropolitan Information Image


Citynews - Metropolitan Information

WiNK's partnership with the famous online media conglomerate CityNews S.p.a. Our team of professionals has created over 38 mobile apps, one for each of the Italian cities that the company's digital newspaper focuses on.

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Italian Artisan - Made in italy Made Easy Image

Italian Artisan

Italian Artisan - Made in italy Made Easy

Italian Artisan is a well-known B2B Matching Platform that connects small artisans with international fashion brands, thus serving as an international advertising platform for Italian manufacturing as well as a Made in Italy marketplace.

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The simplest way to link phisycal word with digital world Image


The simplest way to link phisycal word with digital world

The codeless tool that reinvents user manuals. Share instructions via augmented reality on real assets. Simplify training, enhance efficiency, and embrace the power of MARKO.

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How much time do you have for praying? Image


How much time do you have for praying?

SmartPray serves as an invaluable companion, facilitating the development of a deeper connection with the divine. Amidst the hustle of our daily lives, nurturing a consistent and meaningful dialogue with the Lord can often feel like a difficult task.

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The home of Ireland's trusted car dealerships Image


The home of Ireland's trusted car dealerships

Simplify buying and selling online in Ireland. Discover a vast marketplace for your desired vehicles and connect with eager buyers.

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Empowering innovation, transforming finance Image

Anticipo Fatture

Empowering innovation, transforming finance

Through this intuitive system, users can submit their requests for invoice advances, eliminating the need for manual processes.

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Energy Delivery Image


Energy Delivery

E-GAP is Italy's pioneering urban, mobile, and on-demand fast charging service. Once the service is booked, the E-GAP van will promptly arrive at the location of your electric car requiring a recharge.

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Predict and support Image


Predict and support

Showcase your skill in predicting future events of your interest. Earn points to support selected organizations with social objectives and receive vouchers for your online shopping.

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The home design boutique Image


The home design boutique

LoveTheSign is the new hub for Italian home design. Providing daily inspiration for all design lovers through a selection of manufacturers lovingly chosen according to the highest standards of quality – be they established brands or local artisans.

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