Energy Delivery

If the anxiety of running out of charge has been haunting you since you decided to reach your holiday destination, worry no more. There's a practical solution to rescue you from trouble, called E-GAP. E-GAP is a mobile charging service that can be conveniently booked through the JuicePass app, after a simple registration process and a few clicks. Once the service is booked, the E-GAP van will reach our electric car in need of energy. The charging power of the E-GAP van can be compared to that of a "fast" DC charging station. The service is already active in the cities of Milan, Rome, Turin, and Bologna, and during the month of August, it will also be available in tourist destinations such as Argentario in Tuscany and Santa Margherita Ligure. E-GAP is expanding across Europe, particularly in France, Spain, and Germany.

Energy Delivery illustration